Sunday, July 23, 2006

WWEEEEEEEE. I LOVE DANCE. cant stop moving!

even my classmates are complaining that i dance too much. SORRY LA! i know its not that fantastic but haiyo, just pardon me lor. =X

recently, its the never-ending tutorials and the all time classic "projects" that have been occupying my time. BUT, dancing will make the blues of the fore-mentioned go away! YAYNESS( i kope this from jo. hope she doesnt find out. =X)

but that doesnt mean that i have already given up on my basketball, my taekwondo nor my gym. just lesser time on them. hehe. AND, i got to go for a small shopping trip today with my cousins! not bad la, bought a tee at a good price. WOOT!

think im gonna change my blogskin because i saw a blog on a lappy today with the same blogskin as mine. lol.

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