Wednesday, April 05, 2006

wee, gym is fun!! actually i wan to do gym with bert, but 2 plus i reach there, he go liao. T_T

then nvm, ownself do lor, did my deltiods, tricep and CHEST! haha. i wan be fit fit de. den zai. =X call me shallow.

then dota dota dota with chin nam, haha. even though i sweared not to touch that game ever again, i did. well too bad. im kinda missing the days that my internet connection is stable and fast. not like this wireless, keep crapping up on me. haha, nvm lor, but i hope someone in msn will at least miss toking to me. LOL.

i like life now. FINALLY.

P.S, i recommend a great way to cheer urself up.

see how happy i am? HAHA, just kidding. but pokka green is nice, especially when u are drinking it at 4am.=P

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