Tuesday, April 18, 2006

friends have all started school. no 1 to go out with T_T

well, me nam aaron and javis were planning to hit the pool today BUT,

it had to rain. )@#)(!@*($&!)*#$)(!@#.

but luckily, my aunt was kind enuff to come to cck stadium and offer us a ride home to prevent us from getting wet due to the friggin rain. tot i would pass the day so easily? no way.

aaron call me to "play" with nam's dumbbell, and when he say play, its normally something bad. within 1 hour, that ass made my hands turn into jelly. WTH. NVM, IM FIT. wadeva shit he throw at me i oso can endure. muahaha..

went down and shoot some basket today. learn y my ball is always being tapped away le. haha, u all die liao. i hot le. man, my plan is to dunk by the end of this year, can i make it in my current state? hope so.. >.<

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