Monday, April 03, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY XIANG! haha, i know its abit late but its the thought that counts ya? =X and bravo to jo and eve too, i enjoyed myself. *thumbs up*

hmm, we had a great time at seoul garden, safari.. in fact we had a great time everywhere la. its the company that makes it great. but damn, they have to let me witness a guy kissing another. *shudders*

heres a fun fact, eve and daryl both have their faces as red as the baboon's ass just by drinking something with just 5% of alcohol? haha, damn funny la, seeing 2 tomato smiling and going around taking pictures.

then i watched ultravoilet, lol, is it that boring that xiang can sleep watching it? not bad leh, that girl can actually kill 700 soldiers within 30 mins. i think the show was a attempt to show wads gun-kata capable of la. kinda cheesy ending but still, worth the time if its great company? haha.


ahaha, xiang 18 liao, he sounds damn old. =x

OLD but oso decent. HAHA.

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