Tuesday, April 11, 2006

damn shit, i din noe yew tee was so big. today, as my instinct are telling me that im getting fat, i went for a jog today. my target? 1 lap of the whole of yew tee.


yew tee so damn big. i saw so many schools. i saw regent sec, yew tee pri, unity pri, unity sec, de la salle pri, kranji sec. WOOT, so many schools. and i cant imagine i was running for 1 full hour. damn fun!

after that, i went to the sinseh, got my foot bandaged again. -.- the sinseh say "must use strength then ur blood clot will disperse." and he literally used the strength to kill a cow to rub my already hurting ankle. T_T that shit went on for 30mins somemore. haha. other then that, i guess i din do much.


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