Sunday, November 02, 2008

punched right in the gut.

and i cant do shit about it.

and theres army to take time away from you. zzz.

sometimes, life just really fucks you up to make sure you learn it the hard way.

and now happens to be one on those times. zzz.

come on, gimme what I want!

on the side note:

people please jia you for danzation, although we keep saying alot of things not done, but i see like actually alot of items done le. show everyone just put in effort to make the best out of it k?

don't let the negativity force you to practice.

instead, let the positivity motivate you to strive even harder. IF, you get what i mean. :D

peace people.

ron gonna be out for 2 weeks.

miss me. HAA

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