Sunday, November 09, 2008

man, its whatever.

sometimes, its just one of those days, you just feel tired, demoralized, lazy, messy, countless thoughts in your mind, find yourself all over the place.

today kinda feels exactly like that.

maybe I din have enough sleep last night,
maybe Im worried about posting,
maybe Im feeling fucked up after hearing Ann told us today.

there are 1001 reasons to feel fucked up.

but i just wan to find my escape.

it used to be the studio, maybe because of danzation, there's an unknown sense of responsibility that i am not particularly good at handling yet.

I really want danzation to be a big success. i know it will be.

maybe its army, maybe i know i gotta waste another week.

man, its whatever.. im one messed up guy. zzz.

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