Friday, March 23, 2007

life until now.

up till now, i have been doings quite a number of things for my IHP.

for example:

HARDCORE YOUTUB-ING. check out nu skool.

WARCRAFT-ING. random races. playing against AI can seriously kill time, like big time. HAHA, rhymes eh.

LISTENING to music.

busta rhymes - touch it
ne-yo - because of you
show luo - rubbish bin
mayday - yong bao
S.H.E - gei wo duo yi dian
David tao - sha tan

sneaking out to the lib for a cup of MIRACLE POTION aka. bubble tea!

or, just sleep my life away.

i think this 6 months is gonna make a difference in my life.

better or worst? leave it to fate.

i really cant bring myself to smile truthfully from the heart.

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