Sunday, March 18, 2007

i have alot to tell you.

so much that i dunno where to start.

maybe, i should let you know one thing. never once did i get any wrong ideas from you, this means that you are doing the right thing?

and you have not given me any wrong impressions. i appreciate it, as much as it kinda hurts. but still thank you for being truthful. :)

you dont really need to feel sorry for me, because there is no definate right or wrong with issues like feelings.

the care and concern i showed, i hope you would view it as its from a friend. simple as that, please please please do not take my feelings into consideration for my actions. i know its hard, but please try.

because, i think, what we have now does not necessary need to turn into a steady relationship of any sort, i just hope for your well-being. though i failed badly trying to be part of your world. guess i will let nature take its course.

i know you cannot bring yourself to open up to anyone. i know you chose the lock-up. but, i believe that one day, just that one day, you will open up. call me stubborn, or irritating, but, i will wait for that one day to arrive, and when that day arrive, i will be there to make sure you have someone to open up to. obviously i know i am not the ideal choice, but i will able to suffice, even if its temporary.

guys out there if can find me stupid for all i care. but, seriously dont give a hoot about it.

about a year ago, my life revolved around myself, nothing else, its like a black and white painting. just the sky and the land. but since i meet you, you slowly added colors.

im sorry to say this, but much of me has being taken over by you. i know this is not something i should as a friend, and knowing you for only such a short time. but, its the truth. honest.

i know you dont have feelings for me, even a slightest bit. but its okay. because i just wanna be there, to do my part as a friend. its okay if you want me to disappear, i will. if it would lessen the burden, i promise you, i will.

i hope to go through your percious moments of life with you, but i know its not possible, for the time being, maybe its never gonna happen. but its okay. i just hope, you would have a happy life. I hope im not asking too much if i want you to view me as a normal friend now.

my brain is telling me what you are trying to bring across, but my heart isnt willing to accept the fact. im in a turmoil right now. having to chose to follow common sense or to follow feelings.

but for now i hope we can be

just friends, nothing else.

i have go so much to say, i cant end, but words arent coming.

i just wanna say im sorry for being someone like that and im sorry i cannot control my feelings.

im sorry.

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