Sunday, December 24, 2006


alright, its officially christmas eve! couple of hours more to CHRISTMAS!

well. im not super excited but im looking forward to it. haha. well, lets keep our fingers crossed and see how it will turn out? well, im not hoping for much actually, i just wanna see santa in person! lol.

i reckon santa should be pretty friendly looking right? but, no chimney ( its wrong spelling right? lol. ) in singapore? maybe he could use the window instead. haha, scully he get stuck there. LOL.

im not hanging red socks.

im not writing cards.

im not wrapping presents.

im not decorating the house nor the x'mas tree.

im not even smiling now.

im not happy.


man, what a christmas its gonna be. sigh?

sorry people that i never did make the effort to do anything.

but i really appreciate the cards and gifts!


and, i still wanna see santa. maybe drink tea with him and ask about his adventures. =)

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