Thursday, December 14, 2006


just some replies. =D

orange : haha, yea lor, i also suspect who is it in that dope. =p


liyana : hahaa. now i realise, u cannot keep secrets! LOL. SHE SPASTIC LA. lol.

vien : ahhaa, i think i kena blacklist liao. lol but who cares right? lol

cantabile : EVIL COWWW! hahahaa.i think half of her salary goes to the physiatrist due to depression from work. LOL.

David : lol. whats ah xia eh kia? children of the prawn? LOL.

junying : haha. FASTER CHANGE STYLE! must have bao dian. lol. im waiting for ur new style! and, i really din wan to scold the auntie one. in fact i nv scold her. lol.

bjon : lol. bjon = birth of the medicine. YEA. STUDYING SUCKS BIG TIME. but i holidays liao! WAHAHAA. *do freeze* lol.

Minz : lol. auntie also rude, disturb me do project. why u nv scold her?

LULU : lol. SHE PRONOUNCE CONSIDERATE TO CON-SI-RATE. haha. she got ears, but no brain. =X

emo-ing. sorry.
i rather u kill me then torture me.

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