Tuesday, December 12, 2006


i have this funny conversation with the famous " please keep your volume down " auntie at the library last week. i always thought that her area of patrol was only the second storey. but then she struck us at the 4th storey!

*my group hurrying to finish project work, with all the books and laptop*

project group : bla bla bla bla bla

auntie : execuse me * points to the goddamn cardboard *

ron : we really very loud meh?

auntie : yes, i can hear you from the toilet. * we are right beside the toilet *

ron : but they also very noisy leh. why never ask them to quiet down also?

auntie : they discussing project work...

ron : AUNTIEEEEEEEEE. we also doing project work!!! see all the books?!

auntie : but you all still louder.

ron : WAH, auntie, u actually measure our volume ar?

auntie : yes i do.

ron : wow, with what?

auntie : my ears.

ron : wow~ i think you should get a new pair of ears then. *smile BIG BIG *



ok, abit bad but quite funny.

alrights, today is 12th of DECEMBER. its actually the first month after DANZATION. it felt like a year has pass or something but thinking back, still im blown away. it was really a great feat and im damn proud to be part of it.

now to look forward to the next DANZATION!

haha. DANCE BABY DANCE. with a lil bit of love. =)

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