Thursday, September 18, 2008


damn big word.

i think choreography is also something that needs to train one. The more you do, the faster things come, and better in quality also.

but right now, im one noob ass beginner man. hahahahaha.

still got formation! hong gan liao.

addiction people! we must jia you ok!

I promise I will choreo properly, so we can all look good on stage. JIAYOU JIAYOU JIAYOU! haha.

but its really an interesting thing to try out actually. its really fun, but its saps brain juice like nothing on earth man.

well, ken has gone over to UK. got to talk to him awhile just now. it was nice to hear his voice, but ken if you see this, DONT YOU EVER DARE GIVE UP DANCING. i'll skin you alive if you do so.
give it some time man. its the holidays over there so you cant get anything started yet. but you gonna do just fine.

cause you are ken! sure can one. LOL.

that day at the airport, its really sad to see a brother go like that. Although we not super ultimate close but i really respect this guy alot. I believe he showed many of us how versatile a dancer can be, and how good a boyfriend he is too. heh.

I learnt alot from him, most of the time without him teaching me, just see him dance, the way he move, you feel like "eh how come I nv try that before?". he is that good. well, at least I got the honor to do one KFC commercial with him. AHHAHA.


p.s transfer me your choreo power leh. hahahhahaha. just kiddddddinggggggggg~ -.-

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