Sunday, August 31, 2008

so many thoughts, so little time to write down.

to be able to execute something you desire from an image in your head.

bloody hard.

im talking about choreography right here.

i kinda realize in this few weeks, im really not the choreo kind of dancer. but i wanna be a dancer & choreographer. haha.

not just a choreographer, but being a good one. yea, you heard me.

but at this current stage, im not ashamed to say i have absolutely no talent whatsoever in the field of choreography. HAHAHA.

well, another thing is before I know I had to choreograph a piece, every book out dance has been extremely enjoyable, but once i knew I had to choreograph something, I start to stress up and forget about the fun of things.

the bad part of me is, whenever I do say a move or something, I will always feel there is a better move to replace that. so end up, like FD say, im a blardy slow at choreographing. hah

BUT NO WORRIES! I will work hard. really.

because this is what i have been waiting for, so im not gonna screw it up. no matter what happens.

on a side note, please pray i get into MDC so i can get to dance again. :)

p.s I don't even wanna go in whining about how much i deprove. its fucked up. lol.


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