Friday, January 04, 2008

to ms victoria lu caixuan(this is why i asked your full name, LOL):

well, i got alot going thru my mind when i saw ur thanks.

HAHA! well, i wanna thank you for willing to partner me. cause im a weird person and i suck at partnerwork stuff.

i still remember our first partnerwork was danzation's freshie item. that "pull" that made us what we are now(like cheesy sial).

rmb we have problems with that pull, so we try and try, u take out shoe try, then put on shoe and try and try and try....

WE GOT IT DURING DANZATION! hahaa. got feel sial. lolol.

i think back, i know i will always end up partnering you(will is really good), and we always laugh. always amking the ultimte lame jokes or super out diao moments. i got alot more to type but, i won't end already.

MAIN POINT!! its was fun. so haha. heres my thanks! :D


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