Thursday, January 03, 2008

its resolutions time. but i aint got any time.

i love writing resolutions.

i like setting goals.

i but LOVE reaching my goals. haha.

well. i do have some goals now. but new year resolution not yet. because its something i wanna achieve this year. hahaha.

one thing is for sure, i hope i can grow up to be a better dancer, and a better person.

OK, i know is super general. but, i just cant pin point anything specific yet. Life is so hectic now. PROJECT DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE.

PROJECT? don't like but have to do

DANCE? like but cannot do well.


well, i want my year to start good, for now.


the reason im blogging now is because im waiting for my hair to dry. AISEHHH. lol, no point. -.-

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