Sunday, November 18, 2007

weird laws of nature.

haha. i like " tao yan hong lou meng " now.

im listening to it. LOL, Irwin is gonna sing this song for December perf i think. I LIKE SIAL. LEPAK.


well. im been slacking too FUCKING MUCH LATELY.

like seriously, too slack. i know i should not use school as execuse, because we are expected to do well in studies, before even talking about dancing. BUT DANCE OVERTOOK MY SCHOOLWORK LONG AGO.

shit, mums finds out this, im a dead man. lol.

well, like ann says, im starting to get stagnent. gotta breakthrough. need to UP the level ASAP man. so no more slacking ron. PLEASE WORK HARD YOU GUBYE.

haha. well, i need to focus. im diverting my attention into too many little things thats not gonna matter to me. lol, im still trying to find a suitable past time though. so things can be like dance, friends, studies and ' my future past time'

LOL. anyway, back to the song, theres this sentence i can relate so well.

' welcome to the republic of the rejected '
haha. GOGOGO.
i feel like typing more, but the words dun come. but theres so much to write. FUCK, just not one of the typing days i guess. -.-

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