Friday, September 07, 2007


finals is tomorrow.

haha. don't expect much.

just having fun, cause its we are too lucky to even get into finals.

thank you 8 steps for giving such a good time. and im sorry that i fucked up quite a fair amount of times.

to farid : thanks man, for being there, reminding me of the FACE. theres just so many things ar, thanks man. appreciate it. :D

to ore : lets try a 720 locker suicide next time! ahahhaa. i like the fact that we are always reminding each other to practise and stop slacking when we see each other goofing off. haha.

to alex : thank you for being the loud speaker at times. lol, i know you gonna be good in bboying. but don't forget dance as a whole man. cause theres always sushi around.

to JJ : lol, dude, thanks for letting me stayover the other night. i seriously will get stitch it i walked home. thanks for letting me stone when we on bus. haha. :D

to bao wen : seriously, i don't mean all the 'fuck you's i said to you. LOL. but sometimes you really random. but i guess thats whats makes you, you. LOL. seriously buy shoes the correct size next time. :D

to wei jie : dude, go get yourself a girl. don't ask me why, you just got that face man. hahaa. i see one coming straight at ya. HAHA. keep it up man, its the finals already. i know attachment is tiring but get through saturday and you are good. :D

to sophan : firstly, i seriously din like you the first time i saw you, being strict and stuff. but now i appreciate how responsible you are. thanks joining 8 steps. thank you for being with us freshies, for the song, for the choreo. haha. thanks balls. :D

theres so many things that i wanna write down but i think these things are already in the heart already so i guess i will just skip it.

thanks 8 steps. lets have fun this saturday. :DD

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