Monday, September 10, 2007

i don't have a title today.



we all made it. none of us backed out, we kept at it till the end. that alone is a feat.

everyone was on point that day, everyone showed how much the grew through this.

for that alone, everyone is a winner.

we all come a long way, from gathering groups, to the ' no studio ' shit, to last-minute-hunting-costume-like-crazy.

its been a lovely experience. one that i will never forget.

everyone knows i always have stone fac when i dance. but what changed me, was a comment given by a very matured dancer.

"when you dance, don't dance for yourself, don't dance to show how good you are. its never about that. dance for each other, your teammates, to show your love for dance."

seriously, think back, i kinda lose that. i was always complaining how incapable i am, i never show appreciation to people around me who put up with all my bullshit.

but when i heard that particular sentence, i realized how shallow i am. i have almost forgotten my true purpose of dancing. from passion, its slowly became competition. im glad i got kick in the but and realize how fucked up i am.

i really want to thank alot of people. 8 steps, Ann. everyone that even bothered to comment when they see our item. because it shows they care.

dance for me now, its really from a different perspective. this is just the beginning, theres alot more to learn. but with the people around me now, i think that journey is gonna be pretty fun.


well, dance aside, i just come to realize, sometimes being able to accept things just makes you move on faster.

guess what.

i actually got it from the movie 'ratatouille'

i've come to accept alot of things today.

i have accepted that sucks in handling relationships of any kind.

today is one of the few days i can really feel light hearted, and smile from within. even though the truth hurts, but accepting it makes the scar smaller.

well, advice of the day for myself

Accept life as it is, and make the best out of every other moment.


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