Thursday, November 23, 2006


im sorry for what i did.

i din know things would get that serious.

its my fault, i sincerely apologise.

im sorry for such an ass, to cause the misunderstanding.

none of it would have happen, if i aint this irresponsible.

im sorry that i followed my heart too much.

i really meant no harm, all i wanted, was to be someone that u can always
open up to.

so that, u can pour out ur stress when u need to.

im sorry for being so self-centered and took up that role without your anknowledgement.

i really want to talk to you about it. but i would only make it worst.

i guess you need time and space.

i really grateful to have you in my life.

i want to thank you for all your care and concern.

would you still be my friend?

im sorry, i couldnt be the magician that brings joy to you.


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