Friday, November 17, 2006

let me love you


they are always moody.

but they are always beautiful.

its always friday that i will notice the finer details of what life have to offer.

its fridays that allow me to just break away from everything and bask in the companionship of my loved ones.

love aint no simple game.

consequences are for real.

yet, i dive head first into such a game.

am i nuts?

yes. i am.
for you, i am.

or is testing just a nicer way of rejection?

i guess its just me and my false thoughts.

sorry for being so self-centered.

i never stood from you point and look at this.
then again, you never allowed me to.
sometimes, all i needed was a smile.
but, i see your frowns.
im willing to offer you my ear,my shoulder.
you push them all away, and took in loneliness.
i cant bare to see you like this,
yet, im at my wits end.
im begging you.
dont do this to you, me, everyone.
i guess all i can is hope.
hope that some day i can muster the courage to tell you.
what i really feel.
no obligations needed, no appreciation needed.
i guess.

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