Tuesday, October 10, 2006

to taggers :

vicky : WALAO, dun tell people k?! lol, im just plain lazy. but, still, we must be dope! lol. =X

orange : LOL, u alot to say leh. u orleng kia~ look older = good. MATURE CAN. and, im not color, u lame kia. LOL. must orleng juice out of u then u noe. XD

bRat : MY POST IS DOPE. FULLSTOP. no arguements. =D

vanessa : LOL. its DOPE. =D

PeGs : LOL. yes! its dope dope dope dope dope dope and dope.

JAEI : pls lor, that previous post, give u chance to act smart only, dun think so much. WAHAHAHAHHA.

alfroooo : LOL, but i noe u like porn man. ITS UR MUST HAVE! u "tofu" lover. =X

wah seh, im replying here, so all the taggers can see. so nice right. LOL. =.=

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