Tuesday, October 24, 2006

LEGALLY EIGHTEEN. good or bad?


ronnie is officially eighteen! he is LEGAL( WOO, like got super power lidat, but actually i just got older, thats all. )

thanks for all the "happy birthday" and "belated happy birthday" and "ohh, today ur birthday ar? happy birthday". HAHA. MUCH LOVE!

and to xing, i LOVE your present. totally rocks my socks. haha. its just right beside my computer!

seriously, produciton is 3 weeks away, im always skipping school. people are getting nervous, uptight. there are so many things uncompleted yet. steps, formation. EVERYBODY WORK HARD ALRIGHT!! =)

now, im 18, kinda old. T_T haha, CAN BUY BEER! no need to buy jolly sandy already! hahaa. CAN SMOKE ALSO, BUT FUCK SMOKING. the haze is already like one giant cigarette. like shane said, "smokers who complain about the haze can go bang wall" .

HAHA. anyway, i think i will like to be 18, provide i dun get my ass in jail or something.

oh wells, gotta work hard!

to you : the more i see you, the more i wanna be there for u to spend every moment of my life with you.

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