Saturday, September 23, 2006

*reporter runs over*

reporter : how are u feeling?

ron : im sick.

reporter : OOO, so what kind of sickness issit?

ron : fever, GODDAMN FEVER. i think is the IN thing right now, the amount of times i have fever this year is the amount of times for the past 2 years added together. &^$!@*&

reporter : i only asked for ur sickness, why talk so much? *rolls eyes*

ron : man, are u a gifted amateur or a professional at pissing people off. can you please fuck off and die?

reporter : thanks for the compliment, that aside, how are you feelng right now?

ron : erm, air feels stuffy, head feels dizzy, limps feels like jelly, and to top if off, getting piss at u. how's that for u if u were to get it?

reporter : i would love that to happen!

ron : u sick bastard.

reporter : haha, u really know how to make me feel good......

*takes out a knife as the reporter keep on rattling bullshit*


*reporter lies silently on the ground*

YAY. =.=

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