Saturday, December 17, 2005

Term break is here!!! hehe...althought is study break, but im kinda gonna relax and chill for awhile first bah... today went home at 3.. cuz i finish es1 early..=X wit alot of ppl de help la.. the baby went back to yesterday...T.T miss her...went to changkat, mr tan came! lol.. he took the class..andy came wads wrong wit me ar... why do i keep looking at louiza? i dunno man, its juz that she have that some to make my eyes glue to her... alamak... cannot la... then becuz of me looking at louiza, cuz my buds to suan me...somemore today full moon, they extra high.. wad sia... but i admit the fact the she is pretty-looking la.. she appear normal to other eyes but in mine, she's kinda im beginning to think that there is something seriously wrong with me... recently like pull alot of stuns..hectic life man... THIS SUN DE MATCH I WILL GIV 110% de!!!! =DDD

- my eye candy -

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