Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ok. 1st attempt of ronnie to write a long entry for my blog. topic?


ok..good old me woke up at 2 plus n made the effort to go bath so that my hair has ample time to dry so that i can try styling it..since i haven styled it in ages n it is christmas people... its a special occasion.. and i realise someting.. my tee shirt juz seems to be that few i brought like in 2004. O.o? issit time for another shopping spree? and i realise i only own 1 pair of jeans.. can u believe it? weird huh? haha..

so after i bathed, with a towel around my waist, i went to iron my clothes got ready.... and my hair was good for styling! guess wad? went i came out of the house, damn it has to drizzle.. my hair was like ARGH... but nvm la... maybe im not fated to style my hair la...haha..but i was lucky, the moment i got to the bus stop, the bus came. WOOT. hehe..

ok. the peeps came. kw brought val along. O.o? shes so tall? she kinda makes sin yu look short. haha. we took the train going through woodlands to orchard wit the thought of tt train having seats, but we were standing the whole journey. ironic huh? we reach town and went for dinner, first stop, billy bombers. 14 people went in, 14 people went out without ordering anything..haha, kinda ex la.. then some peeps din bring enuff $$.. nvm then. we will hav chance to eat it next time. we went pastamania, sy say tt suddenly he feel that pastamania feel so cheap. -.-? that shu hui ar. walao eh.. i was ordering and she hav to poke me from behind.. first feeling is like WTF. hu the heel did that, then i saw shu hui my jaw almost reach the ground. =X she originally was surppose to come with us but she went out with her boyfriend instead. understandable mah. took neo prints after we ate.. we din wanted it actually.. so weili and gang go in n take..but after that yt say wanna take wit us gang.. then we oso ok lor..haha people ask liao where can reject. =D

kk.. here comes the fun part, we went to party world ktv. and i think we were the noisiest of all the rooms. At the start, people where shy to take up the mic.. so the girls kinda sing first...then there was this song, they push the mic to like "die.. i cant sing, still gimme mic...shit"...but i played along and sing la..even though i suck at it.. who cares? its christmas eve, i would be such a turn off if i rejected the mic..we kinda make the atmosphere damn high.. WOOT...courtesy of ronnie kangwei sin yu and zhi yong. cool rite? damn..i kinda pick a song thinking that my friends know how to sing it too.. but only i noe tt song in the end..O.O then i solo! haha.. kinda like opening my own concert with only 13 audience..they were good audience la.. but i sucked when i sang that.. so b4 we go, i rapped jump 2003 to make it up to them first... its kinda like the climax of that night bah..=P then after that, went home that journey was freaky.. those peeps with those cans of foam are just beside me and i kept picturing wad i would do if they really did spray on me.

in 181M, i was telling yue ting and lixian about my trip to thailand, and jenny was kinda giddy...she had the yun che zeng we all got down to see if she is ok.. then came sarah WOO, haha.. she keep speaking english make me feel so weird. we went to the fitness corner and did all sorts of stun. haha. we did the spin move on the highest chin up bar? woots, zhi yong din hav the guts to do it.. lol.. but its kinda like the same thing only that it is higher mah.we kinda play till we were too tired to eat so i took a cab home. wahhaa... wonderful xmas huh? i noe...



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