Friday, June 05, 2009

the truth?

been long since I last had a post eh?

well, if you guess are wondering how I've been doing, seriously I can tell you I've been better. haha. because right now my mind is in a weird state right now. I even doubt why am I feeling the way I am feeling now, or up till now.

but if I look at my life based on facts, I shud be feeling good instead, I get to dance everyday, I got my brothers, finished my choreos. I shud not be stressing over anything now eh?

but damn, issit the over-stretch pessimisitic character in me that has taken over so much that I forget what it is like to be happy?

well, maybe its just part of the journey to finding myself.

I realise I always rush into things. Screw me, need to find that chill side of me when it comes to issues that need to be handle delicately i guess. CHILL PILL!

well, i wanted to type more but im watch some stand ups and some battles vids.

man, the popping in SG is gettin crazier by the minute! haha.

props to all y'all dancers. :D


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