Tuesday, April 21, 2009

20 more days to the one year countdown.

well, life has been pretty good this few days, after all the crazy things we went through. I really appreciate the kind of kind life you can go to the studio with no obligations to anything and just really work and dance and enjoy it. its been far too long since we last did that man.

all the sessions, stunt trying and stupid things. good times man.

sometimes when u enjoy so much in one aspect of your life, you really tend to just forget about the other side of life, be it family, relationship, of even just life itself.

Take me for example, I don't reallly have much of a life outside of dance. my life does revolve around dance alot, yet I still think back at times, what happened to my life?

Its like the studio is a place I will subconsciously go every single day. maybe not the weekends because im prolly with mums, and its like I see other people from my camp, they go home, clubbing, etc..

my is just dance dance and more dance. not that im complaining but if someone were to ask me what do I do outside of dance, honestly I dun have an ans for them man. damn!

sometimes i really hope that politics in NRA will lighten abit, the way they go at each other sometimes, its even amazing to know we are all the same club. We shud honestly just treat each other with a more open-minded attitude. me especially. because I know when I fuck someone up, they really get it good.

but come on, I know this club is a good place to be in, but why not everyone lets make the effort to let this club be the best place to be in? lol. not tryin to start propaganda or shit but i just feel if we really pay attention to the smaller issues in the club, alot of big issues would be solve without us even needing to lift a finger. but sometimes we all just get too comfortable and leave things as it be.

well, i hope we start loving, and stop hating man. damn..

and good luck to what i wanna achieve. lol.

peace people.

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