Monday, February 09, 2009

hmm. i think i've changed. like damn!

like the title says, i think i've changed. haha. I'm lazier now. like SLACK to the core. haha, maybe I shud just let someone slap me in my face and tell me how lousy I am to make me wake up and work hard all over again.

but then again, realizing that myself would be a better option I guess, after all, when you understand a situation, then one will make the effort to make a difference. Rather that doing it blindy just because someone says you're like this or that.

Groove in the west is nearing! man, im super excited! haha. finally sushi has began training again. but damn, we need to step up man, really too slack. remind & push each other aite?

Saw the teams that are coming from NRA. its just too imba. I still rmb we just stood in the studio, 5 of us looking depress and shit. hella funny. REMEMBER YO, we are just in to have a good time, enjoy the process and each other company. we dun get this chance often eh.

hmm, been recently trying to remind myself to extend when i dance, of course i wanna make my dancing look bigger that what it is now, but I hope I don't lose me in the process man. sometimes you are so obsessed with something you lose yourself. so, take it as it come ron, push yourself, but dun cross the wrong line. haha.

haha, guess thats it for now. BED TIME! :D

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