Sunday, May 04, 2008

brave on, the road is still long.

gonna take a small break now. just wanna sort things out.

i know that are things i should have done. but i just dance, with the thought of repping us, and enjoy. haa. thats enough for me already. if that is not enough then i simply have to work on it more. haha.

hmm, haven really got to do my own things since the start of the year. but, don't think i will bother now. haha.


thank you ore. :D

thank you FD, BW, allegra, ken.

nice sessioning with all of you, now sushi can session for the fun of it again. and not session to train for competition. to me it kinda feels weird to session for a comp. haha.

well, sometimes exprience does matters. its not an execuse for me. but its a fact.

but to me, attitude and hardwork are most important, and now i know where i stand, and i can proceed from there. haha.

go ronnie. gogogogogo.

but, for now, im chillin. haha. SUSHI BABY.

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