Thursday, April 03, 2008

fantazia is nearing. and random thoughts are coming.

yes, everyone is feeling the heat now. some people might regret not putting enough effort up till now.

and im definately one of them. not that im purposely slacking but i just feel that i cant take out my 100% like last time. and i really wanna know why. seriously.

i have new found respect for alot of people. people that i take it for granted. like Ann, the alumnis, seniors, juniors and also freshies.

sometimes its those small things that make you change you point of view, and you end up feeling stupid about your assumptions about people. its been a long time since i really wrote in this blog i guess.

but i just wanna say thanks to everyone that ever came across my life.

and i wanna say sorry, for things i could have done/say, shouldnt have done/say.

i wanna be a better man. but, HOW.

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