Sunday, March 09, 2008

note: extremely stupid entry.

once again, an epiphany, or sort of,

its amazing what things can make you think otherwise, even the smallest thing possible.

step up 2 is dope, for me. because it made me realise.

i've been so stupid and shallow all along. if i put it straight, im barely scratch the top layer of DANCE.

things like showmanship, attitude, control. all along i trained. well, i least i thought i was training hard.

until now, i realise, i train without a correct purpose. of course we want to make choreographies look good. but what good is that if you are dancing without a personality? or say, a soul?

to what Ann told me a long time ago, thats is MOVING to her, not DANCING.

because we all know, dance is an expression. and all expressions needs to come from something, that something is your soul. your very own X-factor that makes you, you.

its amazing how much a movie can show me, there are people in this world, who can't dance even if they wanted to, but yet, im able to but not doing my best.

DAMN IT! why does it feels so hard to give a 100% now. guess im all talk. sometimes i dun even feel comfortable in my own skin. AGRH. this post is so bloody negative that i feel like im gonna commit suicide after this.

i wanna find my love back for dance, not that is gone, but its faded. but theres still a fire. a fire that no matter what i do, i will continue to let it burn.


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