Friday, December 14, 2007

holidays? my foot.

im on my way to graduation.

to the next phrase of my life soon.

looking back at the condition i went through during my growing up process.

well, its pretty fucked.

but, at least i know how cruel reality is.

can't say i like it, but i learnt to live with it.

well, maybe going through all that when im single is a blessing in disguise.

so you know, my gf won't get an bf with alot of shit on their plate.

when i was young and free, i told myself i am going to devote all my time and effort on my girlfriend.

but reality smacked me in the face. made me realise, thats its not alot of ' hapily ever after' in this world.

yea, go ahead and have a good laugh at how naive i am. lol.

i can say my perspective of life changed quite drastically.

i dare to say, i went through shit that not alot of 19 years old will go through.

but right now at this current moment. the world is black.

the stars ain't shining tonight, and the moon is all covered up.

well, let me dwell in this darkness for awhile, cause i've this hunch that its not all bad.

till then, i will wait for the cow to fly over the moon, so that it can blow away the dark clouds covering it and shed some light on this poor fellow. haha.

well. till then!

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