Sunday, August 12, 2007

chill time.

suntec heats 1 officially over. i think 8 steps did pretty good.

but honestly, i don't think we have good enough for the finals yet. Even though i would love to be through to the finals, but there are just so many short comings that i gotta admit.

i think i did badly though.

reasons being:

1) no showmanship, i got ultimate stone face. which is a taboo for a dancer.

2) i cant control my body as well, got jelly legs in the starting part, moves not clean, accents not clear.

3) no groove and no feel.

basically, is everything don't have. man, that sounded pretty bad. ok, time to go back to basics ronnie.

thank you 8 steps for the expirience, love every moment of it.

p.s i like the dancing week, even though its tiring shit. lol

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