Thursday, July 05, 2007

this is a screwed post.

it feels like you are never going to get good.

it feels like you are fragile, getting injured over things that din affect you this much last time.

it feels like you are taking a wrong step at times.

it feels suffocating because its no longer how it is, its tied down with alot more issues. PEOPLE, for instances.

i tell myself, take a break, and you wil be fine. but i complain about breaks when i get them. worrying about being rusty.

WHY THE FUCK do i feel this way.

why cant i just love dance, and dance.

inferiority, eating me up.

im working hard, but im not believing myself.

because i ask myself, is my ' hard ' enough? or is it im just not cut out for this.

i dun want to be a burden to people. i dun wan to drag myself down also.

fuck, im one self-centered asshole.

i no longer know what im capable of doing.

things are happening so fast.

i just feel suffocated enough when i think of how late i joined dance.

i look at my friends.

i question myself, why am i going in circles? what have i been doing till now?

i got so many questions. questions with answers that i feel hard to face and live with.

im just a weakling with a bad personality. damnit.

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