Wednesday, May 09, 2007

mission impossible?

hahaa. i got new nick name. ' pimple face '

my mum calls me that. HAHA.

but, mission for me today is for me to sleep at 10pm today.

reason? because mum says im not getting enough sleep, so my back cant recover as fast, and the cause of my pimples also.

validity : 100%

but still, im not getting the rest im suppose to get. i think all humans are like that. they just dont like to do what they are told to.

so for once, i should try being a more organized person. start sleeping early, doing projects. being the average guy that i am. living life like any other boring faggots out there.

everyday go home straight after school. no more outings or late supper. just pure serious homework. no more messing around.

yea, i think i should.

im so gonna adopt this engaging lifestyle.

i promise im gonna live this way, being the hardworking faggot that im suppose to be, and rot like some wasted uncle when im old.


its all starting to make perfect sense to me.


i will do it!

when my name is not ronnie. :D

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