Sunday, February 11, 2007

hearing things and seeing things are so different.

hearing something lets me imagine what my friend is trying to tell me, if its something bad, i will just imagine it to be not so bad, to lessen the sadness that i will feel. well, its self-decieving but sometimes i choose to run away from the truth and drown myself in false illusions.

but, i guess that fate wanted to teach me a lesson by showing me what life really is and theres no point running away, and fate just screw me up good yesterday. when i saw people across the streets,

they are my gang of basketball friends

i really cherished them as friends, and i still do. i see them as my brothers, and i still do so now.

i haven seen them in like 2 years?

but, i ran into them yesterday, not all but some, and they were smoking and hanging out. i asked them what they were doing, they said they just finish playing cards.

what is this man, you guys are gambling now? smoking?

remember the times that we are eating together and complaining about smokers?


doing something know thats bad for you guys. yes i know, people change, but doesnt means that you have to change for the worst? did you guys if think of the consequences when u do whatever you are doing now? or is life just something u wanna waste away.

and i didnt just disappear and forget you guys, im just doing something that i love so much, i thought u guys will understand.

it hurts so much to see you guys like that. really.

what happen to stormers?

what happened? :(


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