Wednesday, August 23, 2006


and, diablo 2 : lord of destruction is such a classic. damn nice. but too bad i cannot play on my com. LOUSY ACER LAP TOP. GO AND DIE LA. lol.

im so sian sia. 2 more papers! T_T why must there be exams. make people stress and lose their precious sleep time only, end of the day, get one A.

kinda feel like its not worth it. can bargain for more? maybe like A with some cash along with it. WAH SEH, shiok sia lidat. study hard and get paid. good idea right. AND MUST EMPHASIZE, we want COLD HARD C-A-S-H.

lolololololol. i think these are the after effects of exams man. erratic behaviour. alamak sia. =.=

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