Saturday, November 26, 2005

today was one helluva day man.. first it was 3 hr of PSP..but suga's msg got me through it.. msg suga the whole day and omG! the end of the day she told me tt.. i was so happy man!!! but i was stunned for quite awhile becuz we onli known each other for like 2 days? haha.. but it is more then enuff le.. ask kw onli relationship de stuffs.. let me understand alot.. n let me see exactly wad i wanted.. i dun wanna go into details of wad suga n i said la... veri mushy.. SIN YU today do the 360 veri shuai leh.. jealous.. mine do liao like shit.. sy de veri nice.. SO DAMN PROUND OF HIM.. SY JIA YOU AR...HS de 360 oso veri nice..twisting is good.. our band of brothers all slowly becoming better fighters le.. SOON THE MEDALS WILL BE HANGING ON OUR NECKS.. WHAHAHAHa

p.s. i am in love

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